Thursday, 12 January 2017

2017 Comping Wish List

Well, for the first year ever, I didn't do a very good job of keeping track of my wins in 2016, so I've no idea of my totals.

I'm guessing it was significantly down though as I just found I had less and less time to enter competitions. Not that I didn't win some good prizes though, so I'm not complaining.

I managed to tick off a wish list prize last year - I won a PlayStation 4 from The Football Pools on Twitter - I'd be wanting to win one for ages!! And best of all, it came with FIFA 16 and being football mad, that was just perfect for me!!

Not my win exactly, but another wishlist item was a family holiday abroad. The Walkers Spell & Go promotion bought us this win - both me & Paul (hubby) were entering maximum codes per day, I know we spent a lot on crisps, but it was well worth it as it was a cheap price to pay for a family holiday abroad! Paul was the one who won, he won Budapest, but we chose to go for the £1,500 voucher alternative so we could decide where we wanted to go. We haven't yet booked, but we are very much looking forward to our first ever family holiday abroad in August!

Well, what's on my wishlist for 2017...

1. Bed - we really, really need a new bed, our is beyond broken and extremely uncomfortable

2. Cash - we always seem to have so much to pay out and so little left, so it would be nice to win a cash prize to take a load off us for a while

3. DSLR Camera - I love hobbyist photography & I would love something more than a plain old digital camera to step it up a notch

How did you year in comping go for 2016? Did you win any wish list items? What are you hoping to win in 2017?

Good luck in 2017 everyone!!